Affirmations That Will Change Your Life!

The older I get, the faster time flies by, or so it seems. When this year began, I had high hopes of doing new things around the house, investing in my business and my music. Now, more than 6 months later, (& for many reasons), none of those things were done.


Somehow, plans got changed or delayed. And with the way things are, I may be waiting for an indefinite time for the home-improvements, business-investments or music-production. Some days, I just don't feel like it. Then, the days that I wake-up motivated, there's no money for any of this!


But what I've noticed in all this turmoil: My words make me feel better if they are affirmative, or they actually make me feel worse if they are negative.


You see, there is power in the tongue…the "power of life or death!"


 *** I can speak life into a situation or kill an idea, just with my words. ***

It's a gift we've all been given by our Creator, whether or not you believe.

It always works!

 Orgonite crystal for Healing Energy & Balance!


So now, with all this turmoil in the world, now that things seems so weird…


I Choose to change things.

I choose to speak change. True, I don't have control over a lot that's happening. But I have control over my tongue.

I have this power!

You have this power! (Free download when you click the link!)

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