Celestite and the Angels

A heavenly blue crystal that holds a special place in our hearts and in the universe...

...because of its Divine power, because it lights up the room, and makes us feel calm and confident as we communicate and speak to one another...

...So high are we elevated in our thinking and creativity, it is often referred to as the "Angel Stone!"


Yes, I'm referring the Celestite or Celestine crystals. The earth has provided a stone that gently uplifts with its vibrations with strong metaphysical energy. When you wear Celestite, or decorate your room with this gentle, kind, blue crystal, it will help to develop within your spirit, the gift of clear, confident, harmonious public speaking and positive psychic abilities! 

No wonder it's been long loved and cherished among crystal-collectors for centuries!  


The light-blue color reminds us that the Angels are watching and waiting to help and guide in times of stress & conflict. We are reminded that we are never alone. We are stimulated to create, balance our realities, calm our mind, and find new ways to communicate, bringing about peace and harmony…

…within ourselves…as well as, among our fellow human-beings!     


Be at peace. Wear Celestine!

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