It's Raining, The Kids Can't Go Outside, & I'm Getting a Headache! (Secrets to Inner-Healing)

Sound familiar?


No doubt, this is a stressful time for all of us. If you're like most families with small children, the challenge of "staying home" is huge!


For one thing, today, it's raining and windy. So the children need to stay inside.









For another thing, our apartment is small, the rooms seem to have gotten smaller,

And the children's playtime seems to have gotten louder!     


If you're like me, you're seeking refuge from so-much stress, right about now.


So I disappear into the bathroom with my smartphone, log onto a shopping website and fantasize about a beautiful, glowing blue Lapis Lazuli strand bracelet on my arm, while I'm sitting at my favorite Café, drinking my favorite drink…with my favorite friends!


Lucky for me, I actually have a Lapis Lazuli crystal sitting on the bathroom window-ledge, I turn-on the water & by the way, the sound of running water sounds "mighty" soothing!


Lapis Lazuli crystals help me go deep inside my soul & remember to be grateful for those precious memories, that make me smile, as the tension fades and a dazzling,
blue light shines behind my closed-eyes, & I begin to heal from within.


Inhale, exhale, relax. Open your eyes, come out of your loneliness, & laugh with the children!

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