Let's Talk About the Elephant in the Room. It's Hurting You.

Now that things seem to be getting back to some-sort-of normalcy, with the COVID-19 vaccine becoming more readily available to more people, and with the Stimulus Relief in the U.S. that we're all expecting in some form or another… 

…Let's talk about the elephant that seems to Still be in the room:  

Worry will wear you out! Worry is taking up your time, your energy, and it's actually hurting you.

Take the time, instead, to reflect on the Unchangeable Constant, those things that bring Hope along with just being there! Like, the fact that the days are still rolling on, and you've survived this far! Face it…millions didn't make it, but you were one of the ones who did!


We still can enjoy the bright sunshine, the stars and the moon to light the night. There's the change of seasons, that we can see and enjoy…And believe it or not…It will eventually stop raining and snowing! Sooner or later, the sun will come out from behind the clouds.

 And then,

There's the love of a loved-one. There's the hope that a new day brings!



Next time you start to worry about Anything…just remember…Worry is Not your friend. Walk away from worry…

  • With a prayer
  • With a phone call
  • With a song
  • With a silly commercial
  • With a positive conversation
  • With hope in your heart!


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