Stressed? Try Wearing This Stone!

The summertime heat is on! 

But with all the summer fun, comes summer burn...I mean, I am hot! Not just the feeling that I’m flushed, but edgy, touchy, more than a little anxious.

Actually, this is a common feeling during the hot, summer months. Traffic, responsibilities, schedules-to-keep, work, family-life, not to mention, the weather. This time of year, the weather is so unpredictable. The only thing you can count on is --- it’s hot!

With all this going on, watching the news, watching my wallet, watching the bank account, the bills, the children, the elderly parents...there’s a lot of stress going on, too. Stress and worry can cause tension headaches, sleepless nights, even missed meals, or too many snacks-of-the-tummy-ache-kind!

Thank goodness God created Hematite! Really, no kidding! Do a search on your Internet browser: 

“Hematite helps to absorb negative energy, & so it actually calms in times of stress or worry. “

Carry the Hematite stone with you to help keep you grounded in stressful times. It’s associated with the Root Chakra, to help balance your Life Force!

With agape love, Cynthia

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