Time for a Retreat!

Worry, strife & anxiety are, unfortunately, a part of every day life.


One day I woke early in the morning, worried about my bank account. "I need to check it to be sure it's not overdrawn again," were my first waking thoughts!


Later that same day I got upset when someone interrupted me while I was trying to make a point: "Ooo, that really irritates me when she does that!"


Then, there's the on-going anxiety about what tomorrow will bring…or Not bring!


Time for a Retreat!!


That's what I call a "bathroom break."

I can retreat in the quiet calm of my bathroom, the inner-closet in my house, where no one is there but me - and my thoughts.


I turn on the water, listen to the sound of it, and gaze into a bright, glowing crystal…


Crystal Mood Pendant

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