Where is the Peace?

There was a man who, although he was loving, lovable & kind, provoked those in power. As a result, he was wrongly accused, arrested, & finally, even put to death! Appalling… to say the least.

His family was, obviously, utterly mortified! But before he drew his last breath, he prayed that his executioners would be forgiven.

“How is that possible?" you may ask…

The mystery of True Love

makes it possible to release anyone from the penalty of anything!

 “Whaaat??!” you may ask…


If I had not considered the alternative to hatred of my abusers,  I might have go through my entire life, condemning, miserable, angry, blaming others … or circumstances, for my misery.
Here's a secret to Peace:



It doesn't happen "all of a sudden," or soon or tomorrow, or even the next day.

It's a condition of the heart.

There is a hidden treasure…a Lesson-Learned…in every adversity.

Search for it, & you'll find it!

…  I’ve started over many, many, many times…over & over again…& I discovered...

The Love of God is forgiveness, hope, peace, endurance, joy, trust. If you want peace, you can have it.

It's free. It's yours. Search for it, & you will find it!



PERIDOT: Heals hurt feelings and bruised egos

ROSE QUARTZ: Unconditional love

SODALITE: Self Esteem and Self Love


Amethyst, Rhodochrosite


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