Why Finding Love is a Smooth Ride

   Feeling lonely? Although in a crowd, still no one sees you? Or so it seems.

It's a hurting, empty feeling. I know.

Finding love that's real and true doesn't have to be difficult or even a challenge.

I remember driving my car across the bridge, on my way to work, thinking about my co-workers, seemingly so happy & content with their lives. They go home everyday to a family, children, a loving spouse, a comfortable home.

And here I am, living alone, in a cramped apartment that I don't like, in a neighborhood I don't like, with a cheating boyfriend to talk to in the evening, after a long day at work with "happy people." The ache in my stomach seems to only get better when I eat.

Years later, I look back on those days, and wonder how I made it to this point. Now, I no longer commute. I've found a place to live that's comfortable, in a neighborhood I like! I have a loyal friend who lives with me and shares everything with me! How did I get here? Simple. One, hyphenated word...


It all started when I became sick & tired of being "sick & tired." That's the day everything changed for me.  
"Nothin' but smooth sailing..."

Finding true & lasting love is easy, once you decide to choose it. It's just that simple. Never let someone else define your life, or control your happiness & peace of mind. 

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