Why is the Garnet that deep red color?

Enhance your health, passion & pleasure with the rich Garnet stone.    Believed to detoxify & purify,


                                      ...these gemstones assist with rejuvenation, revitalization & regeneration!

Why is the Garnet that          deep red color?   


I believe there is a reason the Garnet is blood-red. The beliefs we hold manifest in our desires and choices. So, when asked to choose my favorite gemstone, I picked the garnet. The rich color draws me, and after wearing it, I discovered that it seems to draw others to me. (And I mean, in a good way!)

Believed to actually detoxify & purify, the Garnet can help make you feel energized to “go out & do something!” It energizes, providing vitality without the “crash.”

It arouses the life force in my body. ...

I heard the mail-lady outside my door, while sitting on the couch, watching TV. Expecting a package, I checked the mail before the movie started. "My bracelet arrived! Yaaa!" So I cut-open the package, unwrapped the bubble-wrap, and behold!

Of course, I put the bracelet on my arm immediately. We started the movie, but by the second half, I was up, walking around, looking for something to cut those pesky dead leaves that I could see, outside my window.

So...although I intended to sit still and watch the movie, I find myself outside, cutting the dead leaves off the Wisteria!


My moral of this story?

Seize your potential with a passionate Garnet gemstone!

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