Why "Vintage-Everything" Warms the Heart!

Sometimes life gets hard…& challenging, I like to say. Things happen on a day-by-day regularity that challenges the mind and the heart!

But the warm, earthy colors of Vintage furniture, jewelry and keepsakes bring comfort with just a "glance!"


One thing I noticed the other day, when things got particularly difficult at my house, was the change in my heart when looked at something that reminded me of my mother…

 I was sitting on the side of the bed, with tears streaming down my face, wondering what to do about my current situation. I was crying to the point that no one could comfort me. I just wanted to be alone, in my bedroom and cry!

Then, I looked up, at the little keepsake jewelry box on the dresser…that little box that Mama had for so many years, and now sat quietly on my dresser…with Mama now in heaven.

I stopped crying, and reached for it.  

Immediately, I felt her comfort. "It's going to work out," she'd say when I began to despair. "Trust God, and know, it's going to all work out. You'll see." My mother had a magical way of reassuring me, making promises  -  that I believed.

That Vintage jewelry box suddenly reminded me to believe again. And I stopped my crying, opened the bedroom door, and began to listen to the sounds outside!

Better is possible. Vintage reminds me…Hope is still alive!


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