Why We Love Turquoise

Turquoise has been known to improve overall mental state, leading to greater self-realization. Increase your serenity, creativity, & positive thinking. Wear Turquoise!

Ancient cultures believed that turquoise is a special gem that fell from heaven on a day of a cloudless, blue sky.

For that reason, it’s considered to have healing powers for the mind.

Ancients thought that wearing the turquoise gemstone helped to cultivate self-realization, because it was simply relaxing to feel and behold. The smooth surface leads to self-serenity, creativity, sensitivity, intuition, and positive thinking, and all things tranquil.


Merchants found that promoting the stones brought increased good-fortune.

But as with all “healing stones,” their power is not purely derived from the heavens, but from the living creatures that wear them!

      As the wearer focuses on the serenity that comes from the sensual enjoyment of the turquoise stones, the mind and spirit follow.

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